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I'll list edit dates, when I edit this. Comment here if you have anything. I'm also open to trade offers, if I like it enough.

Here's the TL;DR of my collections:

Click the cleverly titled LJ cut for a more specific listing.

-Anything Meowth I don't already have

Stuff I do (because that's a lot easier than listing what I want):
-Original run Tomy figure (US release)
-Jakks Meowth balloon
-Jumbo Hasbro plush
-Hasbro medium plush
-Hasbro Beanbag
-Treat Keeper charm
-Metallic fabric Applause beanbag
-Burger King beanbag
-Jakks fuzzy plush
-Tomy large figure (sold at Pokemon Center website before they closed)
-Hasbro chattering figure
-Guitar and cleaning Kids
- Water bottle
-Most US released cards (make your offer, I'll see if I have it)

Team Rocket:
-Team Rocket zukan
-Team Rocket kids
-any posters that exist
- any t-shirts other than the 2008 Hot Topic one
-any books with Team Rocket on the cover (coloring books) or magazines
-Mini Balloon (the one that matched the Kids that were released)
-Earth Badges (anything other than the most recent POP one)
-Any Team Rocket settei. Seriously, I'll even take grunt settei. 

-Talking Jakks plush
-any cards I might not have
-any Japanese goods (plush, zukan, etc)

anything and everything; if I already have it I'll let you know. I especially want the Movie 10 gachapon.

Anything Persian, Skitty, or any Cat Pokemon

Ghost Pokemon (esp. Duskull, Misdreavous, Banette, and Mismagius)

Anything Empoleon or Piplup

Anything Shaymin Land Forme

Anything Tsutaja (Smugleaf)/Mijimaru (otter)

Any TFG/chess figures I haven't already got (anything Kaiyodo is nice)

Cell Straps (I'll take most anything)

Badges (any and all- the pin type, not Gym Badges)

Chandelure line

Gothitelle Line

Zoroark line

Team Rocket Pokemon Kids/matching Meowth balloon
Team Rocket Zukan
Team Rocket Returns pre-release shirt
Team Rocket (first set) TCG binder
Anime Earth Badge (the VHS one)
That round pin "badge" Earth Badge with the Sugimori art of Giovanni (from Gym Challenge- IIRC it was a league promo)
Dawn statue (I think Kaiyodo makes it?)
Team Rocket figure keychain
Meowth line Zukan
Giovanni deck (either mint in box or just the box is fine)
Erika TFG
Maneki Neko Meowth plush
Movie 10 Darkrai Zukan
Lavender Zorua Uniqlo cutsew, size medium (whatever the JP equivalent is- girls' large?)
Uniqlo Team Rocket Grunt sprite t-shirt
Giovanni pan sticker
Team Rocket Mega Blocks minifigs
Wobbuffet and Meowth bloks
Wobbuffet and Meowth "blocky" figures
Mewtwo Returns settei (Giovanni, Domino, any of the Team Rocket ones)- EDIT 12/2011- I have one half of the Giovanni Mewtwo Returns settei in the mail as of the posting of this edit. It's the seated settei. Still looking for the full body settei however.
Best Wishes Team Rocket settei. Especially the secretary and Giovanni. 
Jessie and James settei (basic stock art)
Nurse Joy Tomy (with or without Chansey is fine)
Birth of Mewtwo CD Drama (with the insert, because I pretty much just want the insert for the Team Rocket goodness therein.)

Zorua/Zoroark related goodies. First priority is Zorua plush, but anything else I'll happily buy as well.

Removed Jakks Pokeball plush from Wobby wants list- bought two weeks ago at TRU and just got around to deleting listing. Added Tsutaja and Mijimaru to general list. Gave edit history a formal header.

Added Grails section

Added Pan Sticker to Grails

Removed Murkrow from list, added some grails, fixed romanization of Zorua

Added info about Giovanni Settei to grails section. Fixed some stuff to make it more specific, added Nurse Joy Tomy to the grails section. 
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