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I'll list edit dates, when I edit this. Comment here if you have anything. I'm also open to trade offers, if I like it enough.

Here's the TL;DR of my collections:

Click the cleverly titled LJ cut for a more specific listing.
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From Pokebeach, regarding Pluto and Rotom's backstory:

The journal in the secret room belongs to Pluto. As a child, Pluto lost his toy robot. While looking for it, a Pokemon popped out of a lawnmower, surprising him. He befriended the Pokemon, naming it "Rotom" because of its origin. As much as he liked Rotom, Pluto could never hug it because it constantly discharged electricity. One day, Rotom got startled and shocked Pluto, knocking him unconscious. When Pluto awoke, Rotom was gone. He searched all day, but couldn't find it. As the sun set, he noticed his toy robot laying in a pile of garbage. The robot's eyes sparkled, and Pluto realized that Rotom had gone inside the robot. Rotom's electricity was contained by the robot's motor, and Pluto could finally hug it.

The first time you transform Rotom, Professor Rowan appears to examine it. He says that when a Rotom goes inside an appliance, it fuses with the motor, becoming a creature that's half Pokemon and half machine. He also tells you that long ago, there was a Pokemon that went inside a toy robot, just like your Rotom went inside the appliance. Could it be that Rowan was once friends with Pluto?

Pluto is the new Galactic scientist, for those wondering. And Rowan... well, you should all know the backstory I've got for Rowan (and if not, get to R100 and read it). God I hope they do something with this. If I can expand my Sebastian backstory further, so much the better...


Sep. 12th, 2008 01:13 pm
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As soon as this entry is posted, I am SO going to try and be part of this beta.

My god... Sanrio, I love you.
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So, another Gen Con come and gone (sniff). Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't share my pictures.

So... here-a we go!

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Slayers episode 16. Watch and enjoy. Posting for lack of better things to post today.


Jul. 31st, 2008 01:43 pm
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So I guess I'm not cosplaying Sebastian this year after all. The wig is pretty much still missing, and there's two weeks till Gen Con. What a bummer. I guess I have making a Death Note for my Misa cosplay to look forward to now. Sigh. But I will have it ready by Halloween, I've decided. I'm going to cosplay him then buy a bunch of test tube candies from the dollar store and hand them out to trick or treaters dressed as Sebastian. Or go to someone's party. Or something.

Either way, the Sebastian cosplay's going to be delayed till Halloween. And maybe Lisa's con, if I can make it. Saves me the trouble of making a Sugintou cosplay (Sebastian's suit... yeah. MUCH easier than Sugintou's outfit/cheaper than buying wings). Sorry, you guys.

(I do know, however, that I'm going to use my old "journal" from Fehring's class to make my Death Note. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.)
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Heroes panel from Comic Con. Those of you who are Heroes fans, this will help ease the pain.

EDIT: That's it. I'm going to become visually impaired so I can hug Milo.
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I started a new comm last night! It's called [profile] pokemon_science. Please do be so kind as to join it. It looks like it could be quite a fun little comm.


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