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So, this is my first post on Dreamwidth. I'm kind of doing this for a multitude of reasons. One, I want to make sure my crossposting actually works.

Two, I'm going to start posting all my LJ posts from here now. LJ-only friends, don't panic- I'm not Leaving LiveJournal Forever or anything, mainly because I lack the spine to and as shitty as LJ has been lately, I'm not about to tell anyone they have to change their commenting habits just to continue talking to me (all 5 of you lol), because that's never sat right with me. Where you blog and the site that's best for you is your own business, and speaking as someone on the autistic spectrum with a terminal allergy to change of scenery, I can understand the feeling of discomfort with leaving a place you're perfectly fine with.

I probably wouldn't have ever made this account in the first place if it weren't for a few of the comms I'm a member of moving here/threatening to move here/the Pokemon ficcer scene on LJ basically setting up shop here. To be perfectly honest, it's because I'm too lazy to bother copypasting posts from LJ to my DW account. Making one post on Dreamwidth and having it show up on LJ is just so refreshingly easy. 

Three, I want to say hi to everyone from the Dreamwidth friending meme. And any earlier friending memes on LJ I never made a hi post about. Hi guys. Some of you I know, some of you are totally new faces. Apologies for taking so long to add you back- refer to my paragraph about laziness above. Asperger's+anxiety disorders+depression NOS is a fun and interesting little cocktail,  and my social networking use tends to be affected accordingly. That said, I'll try to reply to your comments whenever possible, but if I don't, I'm not upset at your or ignoring you or whatever- I probably just planned on it but something distracted me from my task/I was too depressed to do anything but stare at my Tumblr dashboard or nap.

A little about what you can expect from me- I make a few specific kinds of posts: rage posts, squee posts, fandom posts, fic posts, and wank posts. This is pretty much  the entirety of my posting content. Rage posts are general rants about things that piss me off, squee posts are the exact opposite, fandom posts are usually about Pokemon or Monster High, occasionally about other things like the anime I'm currently watching (current shows: Bodacious Space Pirates, Mirai Nikki, Another), fic posts are, well, fic posts, and wank posts tend to be about whatever poor sap is currently showing their ass in fandom and my ramblings on it. May or may not cross over with rage posts. Tends to be about Pokemon. 

I like Team Rocket a lot. Most of my fandom posts  and fanfic posts will be Team Rocket related, especially minor Rockets. If nothing else, this journal will open your eyes up to just how much one woman can do with characters so minor they lack a fanbase (hi Matori). I'm also into Lolita fashion, and occasionally will post about clothes I like. I'm also a huge autistic rights/neurodiversity advocate and I tend to ramble about autistic issues a lot. I'm not on SJW levels of advocacy though, so I'd like to think most of my posts will contain more common sense than, say, your average Tumblr SJ posts. 

I'll probably nab my own dedicated fanworks journal as well, so the fic posts may or may not stop here. At the very least I'll link them here for your reading enjoyment and make a masterlist. 

Anyway, welcome to my journal. Enjoy your stay and no running in the hallways!


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