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So, another Gen Con come and gone (sniff). Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't share my pictures.

So... here-a we go!


Jul. 31st, 2008 01:43 pm
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So I guess I'm not cosplaying Sebastian this year after all. The wig is pretty much still missing, and there's two weeks till Gen Con. What a bummer. I guess I have making a Death Note for my Misa cosplay to look forward to now. Sigh. But I will have it ready by Halloween, I've decided. I'm going to cosplay him then buy a bunch of test tube candies from the dollar store and hand them out to trick or treaters dressed as Sebastian. Or go to someone's party. Or something.

Either way, the Sebastian cosplay's going to be delayed till Halloween. And maybe Lisa's con, if I can make it. Saves me the trouble of making a Sugintou cosplay (Sebastian's suit... yeah. MUCH easier than Sugintou's outfit/cheaper than buying wings). Sorry, you guys.

(I do know, however, that I'm going to use my old "journal" from Fehring's class to make my Death Note. MWAHAHAHAHAHA.)
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yeah.. Just a friendly reminder you guys.

Let me get it out of the way now: I LOVED THIS WEEK'S HEROES. Elle is officially the coolest Heroes character ever, even if she DOES work for the Organization (and let's face it, when has working for ANY kind of "Organization" ever stopped me from liking someone?) She's so adorable, like Claire, but without the "omg WEST" subplot (which is inevitably bringing the dreaded Squeeing Fangirls to the Heroes fandom, along with their stupid Mary Sue fanfiction) and EVIL. I mean, this girl is so close to Domino, I'm amazed there aren't a bunch of TR fans complaining the writers ripped her off  like there are the Marvel/DC/ insert slighted comic fandom here (the electricity comes out of her hands, instead of tulips, but still..)- she even sounds a bit like her ("Okay, I killed him"). And therein lies my love of her. Please, please, PLEASE League of Heroic Scribblers, don't kill her... please...


Yep. I'm gonna do it. I was in the store, looking for some fangs (going to do Lolita vampire after all), and I saw a black wig with 2 white streaks in it... PERFECT SIZE streaks for Sebastian cosplay. I'd have to cut it and all, but at least it's parted (so I can do that adorable uneven part) and the white streak on the left I can cover/Sharpie out.  No, I don't know if I'm going to turn the part I cut off into a beard. But I do know I'm going to cosplay him (I even found a pattern for the costume- it also makes a Chinese style jacket!) This is gonna be awesome.. (and it's nice to be able to cosplay a character who actually wears glasses for a change.)  I'm just hoping this doesn't end up a massive disappointment like Madam Boss two years ago. But hey, Sebbie was actually ON the anime, for TWO EPISODES (four if you count LoT, but we don't talk about that), and people don't have a problem with my Domino cosplay... I'd say on the obscurity scale, they're about even, no?

By the way... Am I funny? I want to know honestly, because I THINK I'm funny, and I get LOL all the time when I post fanfiction/stuff on forums, but... I just don't know. Are you guys just being nice to me, or am I honestly that funny? No reason, just curious.


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