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I was really excited all morning about the Rocket preview, but now I'm depressed.

Because there is no way this is getting dubbed without major cuts, if it gets dubbed at all. A Leopardas laserbeaming a building from a helicopter and whole buildings getting blown up isn't going to fly on American children's television. Ever.

I hate this stupid idea in American culture now that we have to shelter kids from anything the least bit violent, dark, or morbid. And that if a kid sees people getting hurt/dying, or gets scared, that means they are inevitably scarred for life. I managed to grow up during the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons, back when you didn't have to force in a LET'S ALL HELP EACH OTHER or EVERYONE IS SPECIAL AND AWESOME message, and the stuff I watched was fairly violent by standards of what's "acceptable" for kids, post Columbine and 9/11.

Guess what? I came out relatively well adjusted! I haven't been arrested for a violent crime, I don't steal, I'm generally a nice person, and I think I have a realistic view of life, because I actually watched shows where there were bad people, and where people even... died (gasp!)

And now we have Team Rocket being awesome like they were back in Johto, being badasses in general, being ANTIHEROES fighting Team Plasma (yeah even if it's just in Giovanni's best interests that they're fighting, I say  that still shoves them into antihero territory), and odds are because of the stupid nanny state mentality in this country, where parents can't parent anymore and instead demand the media provide their children with programming that's as inoffensive as possible, we'll never see this get dubbed. 

I feel sorry for this generation. They're going to grow up without decent imaginations because they're being fed the same focus tested bullshit, over and over.
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Kath Shop ribbons shop: 13 floors. 11 if you exclude the presents. 2 ribbon only events.
Kath Shop jewel shop: 10 floors. 1 jewel only event, started only to replace the pre-existing "mascot items event" Gloomy event brings the jewel shop floor number even with the ribbon shop.

Every ribbon shop has more items than the jewel shop counterparts.

Celebrity shop: updated every few months, and only with one page of items, tops, one shop at a time. Otherwise a ghost town.

Catchers: 2 Jewel catchers. One that ties in to the current Gloomy jewel shop. The rest are a mix of ribbon and jewel, usually for the same event.

Overall, ribbon goods still make up the majority of pupe items.

So why is it the comm is freaking out like the site is about to dump ribbon items? I'd imagine this would happen with a scaleback of the general ribbon events, not just a seemingly intentional chain of jewel only stuff. For a while people were flipping out about TOO MANY EVENTS, now the staff gives us time to recover after a huge string of good, expensive events and it's some kind of conspiracy against ribbon users. Holy shit, Poupee fandom.


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