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 My new Bodyline OP got here.

It is glorious and black and gothic and full of old-school  delight.

It has raschel lace. Raschel lace that actually looks glorious on the dress and not even ita at all.

I ain't even mad. 

I did cut off the shoulder lace and waist ties though, because that was just awkward. But seriously yeah it uses raschel but it doesn't look like shit at all in person. 
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oh god why am i doing this.

I really really want the Baby the Stars Shine Bright Heart Pocket JSK in black. It's an incredibly affordable jsk for being brand, and it's beautiful and perfect for any style.

Sadly I spent $170 on a netbook because as beautiful as that dress is, it's not gonna help me take notes or amuse me on 2 hour flights. I'm gonna watch the sales comm for it, though.


Jun. 27th, 2010 07:37 pm
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So I get back from Nationals, nap, eat, and then find this:


also coffins.
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1. Please tell us your Hand Name (name that’s used ONLY in internet.) and hometown.
nekusagi, Indianapolis

2. About how long is your history as a Lolita?
Three years give or take.

3. What first motivated you to do Lolita fashion?
I love Victorian and romantic Goth fashion. Saw a picture of some Lolitas in fruits, and a Domino in Lolita art on dA, and fell in love.

4. After knowing Lolita fashion, have you had any time-gap or resistance till you actually started to be Lolita?
Fell out of the fashion after my first try got criticized by [ profile] egl , then realized I could do better and started again.

5. Please define your Lolita style as much as possible. (eg. gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, white Lolita…. Etc).
Gothic, classic, deconstructed, punk. I try to stay as close to the haunted doll look as possible.

6. About how many Lolita friends do you have?
Few on the web

7. What is the best thing about doing Lolita?
I like putting the outfits together and being unique

8. Conversely, what's the worst thing?
The haters, people who think it's fetishwear, people who think we're repressing women by wearing it.

9. Which Lolita Brands do you like?
Bodyline, Meta, BtSSB, Moitie

10. What was the first Lolita item that you’ve owned?
Mary Janes

11. What is the “must have!” Lolita item?
A nice poofy petticoat.

12. Do you wear drawers?
Only when it's convenient/necessary

13. Do you have any favorite Japanese music?
Ali Project

14. Where do you particularly visit as Lolita?
Museums, the mall, downtown, arts districts, cons

15. About how many times per week do you dress as Lolita?
Once a month usually

16. Please tell us about one embarrassing episode from the time when you were
just beginning Lolita.
My first race monster dress, my ita days

17. What's hairstyle and color that you think Lolita would suite the most?
My own (brown and curly) when it's not misbehaving

18. Have you ever thought of stopping Lolita? The reason?
Not really. It's a fun hobby.

19. Please tell us your heart's bible as a Lolita. (anything like a book, magazine, CD, idol...)
Kamikaze Girls, Nightwish, Ali Project, and ABBA music, GLB scans, Movie 10, Rozen Maiden, and Mihara and Kira art are my main inspirations.

20. Do you own a doll? Tell us your feelings about her intensely!
Victoria the steampunk doll, Frida the rococo pirate, and Alice are my main "lolita lifestyle" dolls. I want a nice Pullip (one of the less expensive ones) but I think porcelain dolls are the true Lolita dolls.

21. What kind of make-up do you wear when you wear Lolita clothes?
Light smoky eye, red stained lips, maybe a bit of shimmer/glitter, dark nail

22. Have you ever secretly changed clothes in a train station bathroom on Lolita day-out?
wut no.

23. Are you composed when doing Lolita all by yourself?
Very. I feel calm and myself in the clothes.

24. How much do you spend in your Lolita clothes& accessory monthly?
$10 tops. I buy mostly secondhand and sew/recon

25. What is the most expensive Lolita thing you've bought so far? How much was it?
$30 for a Bodyline skirt on LJ

26. So far about how much has the expense been for Lolita goods?
Counting all the jewelery, $120 at most.

27. Lolita outfit really costs money. How do you raise money to cover the cost of
Save and keep an eye on stuff I REALLY want

28. Have you ever bought from an online store? If so, please tell us its good
not yet but I'm hoping to order from Bodyline soon.

29. Even if you sort of want to keep it a secret, please clandestinely tell us
about a private manufacturer that is the best.
No idea

30. Is there a brand and/or an item that you think, "I could never get it! But I unreasonably want it!"?
AP Puppet Circus JSK. Or the Meta velveteen JSK set.

31. What do you think about people who only do Lolita at music-lives or cosplay?
As long as they're not being itas, what's the problem?

32. From what age to what age is it acceptable to do Lolita? Do you think that there's a state in which someone must graduate from Lolita? (you can answer as ‘never graduate’)
It's always acceptable

33. Is there a Lolita fashion or behavior that you think "I don't want Lolita’s to do this!" about?
Be elitists.

34. Is there something you think "Lolita has to be this way!" about?
The outfit needs to look good. Period.

35. While doing Lolita, has something changed from earlier than you did Lolita?
Square headdresses are now unfashionable. BUT I'M GONNA KEEP WEARING THEM >:3

36. Do you go to school/work as Lolita?
Occasionally school

37. Do you wear Lolita clothes as casual wear?

38. Do you have a boyfriend (or husband)?
Does he understand you (as Lolita)?
Boyfriend loves it. ^_^

39. What do the people around you think of your doing Lolita? Do they accept it?
They all seem to like it. Or they're being really polite.

40. What kind of Lolita is who has impressed you the most up until now?

41. Have you ever made your own Lolita clothing or/and accessories? If so, what was the best item that you’ve made?
I make hair accessories and jewelery- I think my best work was either the reconstructed rosary choker or the MAM GLB pattern headdress.

42. If you have an ideal Lolita outfit or coordination, please tell us.
Black x black! And super gothic! :D

43. Is there a motif that you think “this is a simple of Lolita”?
Trumps, crosses

44. Would you want to dress your children as Lolita?
I don't think I'd feel comfortable forcing something as personal as style on my children

45. What's your image of the ideal Lolita?
Someone who is polite, friendly, and good at coordinating outfits.


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