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I've come to the conclusion they are as follows:

1. News story is posted. If OP is Big Lutz or Edrear Warlock proceed to step 3.
2. Civil discussion of news story.
3. Lutz or Edrear posts a news link from either Washington Post, National Standard, The Blaze, Newsmax, Fox News, or Hot Air, full of faulty reporting and make fail comments full of hyperbole and strawmen arguments
4. Other users point out holes in BL and/or EW's post(s). 
5. BL and/or EW proceed to get asspained and point out "hypocrisy" in the other users' comments, ignoring the hypocrisy and misinformation in their own posts even when it is clearly drawn to their attention
6. Repeat 3-5 as necessary until parties are sick of BL and/or EW's circular reasoning and abandon thread so that BL and/or EW's post remains the most recent one in that thread.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 or alternately 3-6 for any other news threads.

Congratulations, you have now created the wankiest current events subforum on any Pokemon forum.
TBH at this point I may come up with a drinking game for The Real World. It's the forum you can't help but love to hate.
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One thing that really gets me, that I've noticed about Monster High as I slowly get into the developing fandom, is that both the comment threads on the two scifi blogs that posted about them- Topless Robot and Bloody Disgusting- are full of MALE fans complaining about the line being horrible and "oversexualized" and fearing for the little girls that will inevitably fall in love with them.

To these guys: drop the "oh noes the little girls!" act and just admit, you don't want the opposite sex playing in your sandbox.

The line being unoriginal and Hot Topic makeover Bratz? The only "goth" dolls in the whole line are Draculaura and Frankie. The others are styled like the average high school girl. And the Bratz comment is utter BS and twaddle. The only thing they have in common with Bratz are the similar faces (which makes sense, given they're an anime-esque line) but even then you have MUCH smaller eyes and unique head sculpts and face-up on the dolls, unlike Bratz which seemed to be the same doll with different skin tones.

If anything the dolls have more in common with Japanese fashion dolls (unique face-up, joints, bodily proportions) than Bratz or even recent  Western fashion doll lines like Liv or Moxie Girlz.

As for originality? Right, name one more doll line with the premise of "the children of horror movie characters in high school". One that's an ORIGINAL PROPERTY no less. Any comparisons to Living Dead Dolls are invalid since those were more action figures than fashion dolls in that they were one-off characters and didn't have alternate outfits to dress in.

Oversexualized? I won't deny that the dolls ARE sexualized to some degree- they're fashion dolls first and foremost, after all. But certainly not to the degree that Bratz ever was, and not really to the Barbie degree either, given their relatively flat chests. They have long legs and wear short skirts, yes, but in all honesty they look to have more in common with a lot of shoujo art- their proportions in particular- than anything else. And the Monster High characters are actually fleshed out and have personalities, backstories, and ambitions, to the point they have a diary right in the box to tell you the story behind the character and set up their place in the universe. Bratz had maybe 2 or 3 "main characters" and then just a bunch of throwaway ones for that line. The YouTube shorts have cute little morals, too, like caring for animals, standing up for what's right, and helping friends. Hell, Draculaura (daughter of Dracula) is best friends with Clawdeen (daughter of the Wolfman), despite the animosity between their races, and in her diary she says she maintains the friendship even in the face of disapproval from her father. Overall it's a FAR more positive line than Bratz and shouldn't ever be mentioned in the same breath as them.

It seems like most of this criticism is coming from males who hate the idea of a line that appeals to TEH WIMMINZ and might get a few girls into the sci-fi/horror treehouse they're running. And their manhood is apparently threatened by this. Grow the fuck up. That goes out to you, moron trolling the Facebook group discussion (who prompted all this). It's a big treehouse, and there's room in it for all of us.
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It's the big Heroes one, with the Heroes season premiere merely six days away. And my first impressions?

Well, Hiro, Claire, and Sylar are on the cover.

"Will Hiro save the day again?"
Well, probably. It's pretty much his show now, to the point they could probably just give him a spinoff called "Hiro" and still have the rest of the cast carrying on the OTHER plots. And I'd watch it. Hiro ROCKS.

"Will Claire survive Sylar's attack?"
Well, Hayden Panettierre has a contract with NBC for another, like 2 seasons, if I'm not mistaken, so probably. Contracts: the ultimate spoiler. (Though I am glad Kirsten Bell is coming back as Elle this season despite early buzz she wouldn't be. If they start pushing Claire into Sue territory again like they came dangerously close to last season, it'll be nice to have Domino Elle to cheer for as she goes all Palpatine on Claire, which we know she will.) Also, as an aside: PUSA, if you ever find youreself needing to cast Domino in a live-action Pokemon movie, please watch season 2 of Heroes and consider contacting Ms. Bell. She is Domino in every way.

and finally, my favorite part... right over Sylar's picture:
PLUS: Heroes' first sex scene

You have to SEE this cover to realize how much this made me LOL. Hayden and Zachary are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. And take into consideration what appeared over Hayden's picture. One thing went through my mind when I grabbed this out of the mailbox a few minutes ago. That the Claire/Sylar shippers are going to have a fucking FIELD DAY with this cover.

And this, friends, is why I avoid the Heroes fanfiction community like the plague. Like. The. Plague.

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I'm going to stop worrying.

Starting tomorrow, I am not going to allow myself to become paranoid, and I am going to start trusting my friends more. The next time I find myself starting to fly off the handle, I'm going to walk away from the computer and do something else, like draw or play a video game, until I've distracted myself from my paranoia.

I nearly screwed one of my friends over as a result, and later in the chat today, and I'm not going to let that happen again. I'm going to stop worrying over everything, because it's bad for everyone and I don't want to end up doing it again. It's only hurting me and I know now it might hurt others too.

I'm posting this here, publically, because I'm hoping that will motivate me to stick to it instead of saying "okay, I'll stop now" to myself or weakly over IM. I'm committing to this, and any support you guys can give me will only help.

Let's see if it works then...
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Read the article. Yes. That is what the Kool Aid drinking teenage fans are like. Of the "new Harry Potter." I'm not usually one to knock fandoms, but... come on. Almost every thing I see from the Twilight fandom is EXACTLY like the comments above. At least with Pokemon, I mock some of the more outrageous elements of the fandom on a regular basis. As do most other fans I know of.

And my reaction to this story:

Yarg. Twilight. If you haven't read it... horrible book. Horrible series. Not as good as all the emo/goth kids tell you. Just trust me on this. (And I'm sick of everyone comparing it to Harry Potter, btw. Harry Potter was, you know, enjoyable.)

Find yourself a Libba Bray book if you want a good Goth romance, they're actually EXCITING. Really. Just... yeah. 
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Really. Is there any way to communicate to your cat(s) that however close to the window it may be, my desk is NOT a suitable route of egress?

Seriously. I understand that yes, it is convenient and all, but what's not convenient is my desk is home to my Team Rocket figures, my Rayquaza tin of pens and pencils, and Tracey's stylus (in its handy little holder), all of which are frequently knocked over in their subsequent wake (my James figure already got the little peg on his base permanently lodged in his left foot in this way.)

This is especially annoying sometimes at night when there's thunderstorms and they get freaked out by them and end up running away like the furry cowards they are, usually knocking crap off my little bookshelf as well in their panic (namely, the little vase of fake red and black roses/my cosplay black tulip- thankfully, no long term damage to them has been sustained the three or four times it's been knocked over.)

I mean, really. It's such a pain to have to go back behind my desk and fish whatever stuff they've toppled over back out, or scoop up all the pens and pencils and rearrange them all in the tin so they fit.

And people ask how I manage to write Persian so well in my fan fiction. I have to deal with two of them (the other two kitties like to stay in hiding) on a daily basis, believe me. No wonder Giovanni is always so pissed off.
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...yes, per her LJ profile, today is Nekou's birthday.

..and what do I do for her in the RP? I end up giving her a chance to be the hero and maybe pick up a promotion on the side and she ends up arriving on the scene too late with no one there but a very scared and paranoid Persian. Lucky her. Anyway, go over to her journal  or [profile] blackrockethq and wish her a happy birthday. (I guess, given we've been going at this RP 2 yrs, she'd be 19 now, but even then, I think we've only covered 2 weeks tops in there.) I suppose she doesn't age, like all the Pokemon characters, apparently, but then why are we  celebrating her birthday? Eh... happy birthday to Nekou, perpetual 17 year old. (I like the idea of her being 17. She's nicely in between childhood and adulthood there, and that makes my fanfiction about her that much more moving at times.)

Ahem... Moving on...


I feel I have to say that as a fan of good, non Mary Sue horror fiction, because I am seeing WAY more Edward Cullen love icons than I should be on LJ.  (and in egl, of all places.) Really, please don't read this series. They're supposedly "horror novels" but they are neither. They have no horror (unless the "horror" is the fact someone actually LIKES these books), and a work of MS-ness this epic has no place being called a "novel". It is a series of stories about a Mary Sue who happens to love a Gary Stu who happens to be an emo vampire. And what's really funny is how all the icons quoting the book quote the most laughable lines, and I'm pretty sure that's unintentional on behalf of the Ed Cullen fangirls. But really. Do not read Twilight. You will only walk away regretting the several hours of your life you will never get back that could have been spent reading something REALLY entertaining, like Terry Pratchett.

(A book you should read, however, is Kamikaze Girls. I'm on my second readthrough of it now, and I watched the movie for the second time yesterday evening. Highly recommended, even if you have no interest in Lolita culture whatsoever. It's just plain funny- book and movie.)

On the "shameless beg for fanfiction help" front, I detailed two plot bunnies that have been incubating for a while here.

I'm trying to figure out how to best write them. Does anyone like these plot ideas/find them interesting? I do, but I'm wondering if anyone else will read them.


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