Sep. 8th, 2009 10:07 pm
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It's a beautiful thing when you can ban people for not following your every whim, isn't it?

And when you can dish it out but you don't have the chutzpah to take it yourself?

Must be nice to be queen.
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...yes, per her LJ profile, today is Nekou's birthday.

..and what do I do for her in the RP? I end up giving her a chance to be the hero and maybe pick up a promotion on the side and she ends up arriving on the scene too late with no one there but a very scared and paranoid Persian. Lucky her. Anyway, go over to her journal  or [profile] blackrockethq and wish her a happy birthday. (I guess, given we've been going at this RP 2 yrs, she'd be 19 now, but even then, I think we've only covered 2 weeks tops in there.) I suppose she doesn't age, like all the Pokemon characters, apparently, but then why are we  celebrating her birthday? Eh... happy birthday to Nekou, perpetual 17 year old. (I like the idea of her being 17. She's nicely in between childhood and adulthood there, and that makes my fanfiction about her that much more moving at times.)

Ahem... Moving on...


I feel I have to say that as a fan of good, non Mary Sue horror fiction, because I am seeing WAY more Edward Cullen love icons than I should be on LJ.  (and in egl, of all places.) Really, please don't read this series. They're supposedly "horror novels" but they are neither. They have no horror (unless the "horror" is the fact someone actually LIKES these books), and a work of MS-ness this epic has no place being called a "novel". It is a series of stories about a Mary Sue who happens to love a Gary Stu who happens to be an emo vampire. And what's really funny is how all the icons quoting the book quote the most laughable lines, and I'm pretty sure that's unintentional on behalf of the Ed Cullen fangirls. But really. Do not read Twilight. You will only walk away regretting the several hours of your life you will never get back that could have been spent reading something REALLY entertaining, like Terry Pratchett.

(A book you should read, however, is Kamikaze Girls. I'm on my second readthrough of it now, and I watched the movie for the second time yesterday evening. Highly recommended, even if you have no interest in Lolita culture whatsoever. It's just plain funny- book and movie.)

On the "shameless beg for fanfiction help" front, I detailed two plot bunnies that have been incubating for a while here.

I'm trying to figure out how to best write them. Does anyone like these plot ideas/find them interesting? I do, but I'm wondering if anyone else will read them.


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