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Slayers episode 16. Watch and enjoy. Posting for lack of better things to post today.

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...because you have NO WIFI and you have this stupid slow large text internet where I have to wait five minutes for Bulbagarden and LJ to load and I could be home right now watching Pushing Daisies if I knew this library's internet was a bloody WASTE OF TIME. (My brother is at this library right now listening to some lady talk about Nazi Germany and I decided to come along figuring ALL the libraries have wireless. Wrongo. So I had to rant somewhere)

Now that that's outta the way...

I am LOVING this season of Heroes. Anything where we get two episodes of Peter fanservice is a good thing, no? And Claire's angst is... quite angsty (is cutting off your toe considered the height of emo? If not, it should be.)  Also, Hiro is as adorable as ever.  And even though at least one person on BMGF's fan outpost is complaining, I really can't wait for Mondays. Again. (Chuck's good too, but I feel stupid saying I like it. Even though it's possibly the funniest show I've seen for a while. I just feel like a filthy NBC shill, or something. But really, it's like Full Metal Panic, with the genders reversed, so you've got the female spy with the clueless guy with military secrets. And I liked FMP. Only Chuck doesn't have the high school comedy. But otherwise, that's the only difference. And the spy he works with reminds me vaguely of Domino. If she was older.)  

Finished Slayers and FLCL. The ending of Slayers was pretty awesome. Especially the bit with "Pritty Lina's Magic Lesson" where we got to see chibi Lina and Gourry. It was pretty much the closest thing I've ever seen in another anime to Meowth's boss fantasy from the Swablu episode, only Lina actually broke the fourth wall to admit the whole thing was fanservice. (Speaking of fanservice, am I the only one who WASN'T bothered by the removal of the infamous Giovanni Bug Scene from the honey episode? Not that I watch the show much anymore anyway, but... Some things are best NOT seen, you know. At the risk of incurring wrath from readers.. I'd say PUSA *improved* the show for once. Cheap shot, I know.) FLCL... wow, that show's screwed up.  Really, really screwed up. I'm not sure I know what's going on, other than robots come out of the kid's head, something something Haruko, something something Atomsk. The Pillows are cool, though. So, overall... confusing mindfuck of an anime with fantastic guitar rock and some slick animation (Production IG did it). I'd say I highly recommend it. It's only six episodes half hour anyway, so you can easily knock it down in one day if you've got the time. Plus, given it's Richard's and he left in my care (read: didn't trust his brothers with it), I've got two years  to figure the thing out. 

By the way... it's FINALLY fall where I live. Yep, 50 degrees today outside, so... I can wear hoodies and boots! I've been waiting ALL SUMMER to do this too. I got bored today (what else is new), so I randomly went outside and messed around with my MP3 player. A local station is moving to another, so on the station that's getting moved to, they're playing Christmas music right now... Is it stupid to listen to Christmas music before Halloween simply because you're bored and don't have anything better to do with your life? And I'm really wishing I'd put the Halloween decor out in the front yard earlier. My mom says I can decorate the front yard for All Hallows Eve, so right now I'm planning on lots of webbing on the bushes, an inflatable spider on  the roof, and a graveyard scene in front- I'm dressing up this cute Thanksgiving scarecrow in a ghoul mask, robe, and black rose, then scattering homemade  gravestones around it in the lawn and hanging bats from a tree branch for a very tasteful Gothic cemetery scene. Oh, and there'll be a blacklight, too. Yes, I'll post pics.

I'm also wondering what I should do for Halloween. Chris invited me to spend it with him. At this point, I have three options.
1: Domino. The old standby, but trick or treating isn't really good for those boots. But I DID spend $30 on that wig, and it IS my favorite costume..

2. Gothic Lolita dress with vampire makeup (for Victorian vampire)/undead makeup (evil dead girl)/ spooky doll type makeup and Domino wig (evil doll)-  Because it's been a while since I've been able to put on Halloween makeup and disturb people (and I can do some VERY creepy Halloween makeup. At least the vampire variety). My EGL dress opens the door to lots of disturbing costumes, but... the way Indiana gets in the fall...

3. James.  At this point, seems the most practical- we've got a low of 45 tonight.  It could get colder by the 31st.  And the James costume is nice and warm. The catch is, I need new boots-at Gen Con, they were too small.

Yeah, I probably shouldn't worry about it right now- I've got exactly 3 weeks to decide. But there's only one Halloween and I love it. So it's kind of like "which child should I buy ice cream for?"


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