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It's the big Heroes one, with the Heroes season premiere merely six days away. And my first impressions?

Well, Hiro, Claire, and Sylar are on the cover.

"Will Hiro save the day again?"
Well, probably. It's pretty much his show now, to the point they could probably just give him a spinoff called "Hiro" and still have the rest of the cast carrying on the OTHER plots. And I'd watch it. Hiro ROCKS.

"Will Claire survive Sylar's attack?"
Well, Hayden Panettierre has a contract with NBC for another, like 2 seasons, if I'm not mistaken, so probably. Contracts: the ultimate spoiler. (Though I am glad Kirsten Bell is coming back as Elle this season despite early buzz she wouldn't be. If they start pushing Claire into Sue territory again like they came dangerously close to last season, it'll be nice to have Domino Elle to cheer for as she goes all Palpatine on Claire, which we know she will.) Also, as an aside: PUSA, if you ever find youreself needing to cast Domino in a live-action Pokemon movie, please watch season 2 of Heroes and consider contacting Ms. Bell. She is Domino in every way.

and finally, my favorite part... right over Sylar's picture:
PLUS: Heroes' first sex scene

You have to SEE this cover to realize how much this made me LOL. Hayden and Zachary are RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER. And take into consideration what appeared over Hayden's picture. One thing went through my mind when I grabbed this out of the mailbox a few minutes ago. That the Claire/Sylar shippers are going to have a fucking FIELD DAY with this cover.

And this, friends, is why I avoid the Heroes fanfiction community like the plague. Like. The. Plague.

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Heroes panel from Comic Con. Those of you who are Heroes fans, this will help ease the pain.

EDIT: That's it. I'm going to become visually impaired so I can hug Milo.
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So, I've been screwing with my GBA Pokemon cartridges and went in the Rocket building on three island or whatever one it is in LG to revisit some good times... HOLY CRAP.

When you look at the computer, it mentions a research paper on the effects of magnetic waves on Pokemon evolution.  And who do we know of who did that kind of research? If I have to tell you, you don't belong on this journal, but what the heck, I get cookies whenever I mention his name, so...

Which, logically, means the researcher who asks if you're the boss's kid, or whatever, is Game!Sebastian. Hopefully. And I shouldn't have to point out all the Johto references in Emerald and DP (especially considering the Red Gyarados thing is the FIRST THING YOU SEE in DP, and I still can't get over the Seb fangirl squee that prompted in me.) And it gets me excited, because I keep thinking this is all pointing to a pair of GS remakes for the DS. I know, I know, this has been discussed on nearly EVERY Pokemon forum out there, and most people have said "it's not gonna happen", but come on. Unless Game Freak is evil and sadistic and only wants to make us cry, it's coming, guys, and you can take that to the bank with you. (And, best case scenario, that means the anime could go back to Johto and we'd get Domino and Sebastian and Wendy and the recruiter back, but sadly, it's doubtful we'd get the Johto WRITERS back, which could be sadness. I'm one of the few who doesn't think J&J are "ruined", but come on. It's IMPOSSIBLE to replicate writing of that quality.)  And Johto on DS=luv.

So, writer's strike. I'm really hoping it gets fixed in time for more Heroes (I was REALLY looking forward to Origins), and if the December episode really IS the Season Finale, I'm going to stop waiting till Christmas and get the first season set to get through my withdrawal. Tim Kring said he really didn't want it to come to that, but I sense once the ratings start going downhill because of all the crap reality shows, the networks and producers will come to. Otherwise, someone's going to have to start a SOH or something.
And is it a bad thing if you're hooked on Dancing With the Stars? I know, it's the last thing you'd think I'd watch, but the results show is so cool, what with the dancing and all the sweet costumes (I'd watch the main one too, if not for the fact I'm watching Chuck and Heroes those two hours. WATCH CHUCK, by the way. It keeps getting better and more adorable. And I can't say it enough... Sarah and Chuck= BRHQ Nekou and Mary in SO MANY ways.)

By the way, I was watching Heroes last night and thinking again about how Elle and Domino could be twin sisters if not for the blatant disconnect between worlds (and the fact that 4 Months Ago reveals her as being 25), and my mind went to the next logical tangent: Sebastian working with The Company. Considering how The Company treats powered individuals, it wouldn't be that hard to see them as a branch of Team Rocket. That, of course, would require treating the Pokemon world as a part of this world (which wouldn't be too hard, considering I already did for that R100 story with Linderman trying to get Giovanni involved with Primatech anyway).  So what I was thinking was doing a crossover Heroes-Pokemon fic where following Linderman's death, Gio decides what the heck, and joins TR with The Company, since within the canon I've come up with, the Pokemon world is a little like the wizarding world in Harry Potter, where everyone's keeping it very secret from our world, who they call Otherworlders. And basically, since Otherworlders are incapable of training Pokemon without total annihilation of life as we know it, control of powered individuals is the next best thing. (For the uninitiated, The Company does with powered humans what Team Rocket does with Pokemon. More or less.) And... yeah. Coolness and win. Except that I'm scared to death writing and posting it will only lead to flames and sadness, since crossover fanfiction tends to be looked down on, doesn't it? Even with a nifty backstory that explains away any inconsistencies and everything (though how the Otherworlders manage to get into the Pokemon World is still something I'm working out.)  So what do you guys think? Would you like to see if I could pull this off?

And I'm contemplating doing something for NaNoWriMo. Not a big masterpiece, but maybe just that Gio/Sebastian/Delia fanfiction I've been talking about for so long. I just don't know if I could hit the word count... or wonder if I'm squandering my writing potential with fanfic (like my creative writing teacher said once.) Hey, Tracey West gets paid to write BAD fanfiction....
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yeah.. Just a friendly reminder you guys.

Let me get it out of the way now: I LOVED THIS WEEK'S HEROES. Elle is officially the coolest Heroes character ever, even if she DOES work for the Organization (and let's face it, when has working for ANY kind of "Organization" ever stopped me from liking someone?) She's so adorable, like Claire, but without the "omg WEST" subplot (which is inevitably bringing the dreaded Squeeing Fangirls to the Heroes fandom, along with their stupid Mary Sue fanfiction) and EVIL. I mean, this girl is so close to Domino, I'm amazed there aren't a bunch of TR fans complaining the writers ripped her off  like there are the Marvel/DC/ insert slighted comic fandom here (the electricity comes out of her hands, instead of tulips, but still..)- she even sounds a bit like her ("Okay, I killed him"). And therein lies my love of her. Please, please, PLEASE League of Heroic Scribblers, don't kill her... please...


Yep. I'm gonna do it. I was in the store, looking for some fangs (going to do Lolita vampire after all), and I saw a black wig with 2 white streaks in it... PERFECT SIZE streaks for Sebastian cosplay. I'd have to cut it and all, but at least it's parted (so I can do that adorable uneven part) and the white streak on the left I can cover/Sharpie out.  No, I don't know if I'm going to turn the part I cut off into a beard. But I do know I'm going to cosplay him (I even found a pattern for the costume- it also makes a Chinese style jacket!) This is gonna be awesome.. (and it's nice to be able to cosplay a character who actually wears glasses for a change.)  I'm just hoping this doesn't end up a massive disappointment like Madam Boss two years ago. But hey, Sebbie was actually ON the anime, for TWO EPISODES (four if you count LoT, but we don't talk about that), and people don't have a problem with my Domino cosplay... I'd say on the obscurity scale, they're about even, no?

By the way... Am I funny? I want to know honestly, because I THINK I'm funny, and I get LOL all the time when I post fanfiction/stuff on forums, but... I just don't know. Are you guys just being nice to me, or am I honestly that funny? No reason, just curious.


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